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The Lady Bug (2010)


A lady bug is trapped in a maze where there is no way out.


Main Crew:

Filmmaker: Mayye Zayed

Sound Designer: Michal Krajczok

Production: Rufy's ​& Goethe Institut in Alexandria


Previous Screenings:

  • Mar. 2015 - Festival Parachute Light Zéro ACT II, France

  • Oct. 2011 - Ozu Film Festival 19th Edition, Italy (2-short Competition)

  • Jul. 2011 - Festival Miden, Greece (A last instruction to the grass)

  • Apr. 2011 - 7ème rencontres de l'image Film Festival in the French Institute in Cairo, Egypt (Opening Film)

Genre: Animation

Duration: 35 secs

Language: None

Subtitles: None

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