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Girls' Talk (2010)


Friendship can find its way in the weirdest places, when two teenage girls who are completely strangers communicate on the door of a bathroom stall in their high school.



Radwa and Dalia Samir.


Main Crew:

Director/Producer: Mayye Zayed

Cinematographer: Ahmed Magdy Morsy

Editor: Mayye Zayed/Houda El Soghiar

Screenwriters: Mayye Zayed/Hend Bakr

Music Composer: Renaud Pijselman

Production: Jesuits Cultural Center


Previous Screenings:

  • 6th Int. Streaming Festival For Audio Visual Art (Online), 2011

  • 9th Regent Park Film Festival, Canada 2011

  • Arcus Temporum VIII Art Festival of Pannonhalma, Hungary 2011

  • 2nd West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival in WV, USA 2011

  • 7th Rencontres de l'image Film Festival , Egypt 2011

  • Women's Voices Now Film Festival (Finalist), USA 2011 

  • Alhambra Cinema in Marseille, France 2011

  • LES Film Festival, USA 2011 (Officcial Selection)

  • Badrakhan Bookshop & Cine Club in Cairo, Egypt 2010

  • ZINC in Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, France 2010

  • Jesuits Cultural Center in Alexandria, Egypt 2010


Film Review:

Cairo360 - Mai Ayyad - Mar. 18th, 2011


Film Interviews:

African Women in Cinema - Jul. 2012

Reelshow MAG - Jun. 2011


Genre: Fiction

Duration: 4 mins

Language: Arabic

Subtitles: English

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